WTB: bars

looking for cafe style drop bars and hoping you guys got a better deal than ebay, not knockin ebay but this is always my first stop. if anyone got somethin email me at mctggr8@aol.com

Re: WTB: bars

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don't forget to check your local CL, too.

i just scored an LSL Superbike bar for a good price.


Re: WTB: bars

i have been but nothing thats really tickled my fancy to much as far as peds go, everyone has brand new scooters and it's startin to get on my nerves alil... but sometimes i cruise over to the moped junkyard and talk to the guys b/c theres usually a couple loose parts that float through every now and then..

Re: WTB: bars

bottom set 15 shipped mail me.

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