Batavus HS50

Ok here it is I am parting out my Batavus HS50 --

I have alot of parts - Right now the moped is complete

All the parts are in great shape a little oxidized but nothing that wont buff out to the orignal paint of A deep orange all most red

I Have the following parts available

Fuel Tank - Near mint ONLY one small ding Very Very small

SEAT - Awesome pan with original cover only one small crack

Engine -- Hum-mm-- ok here is the deal great bottom end BUT the Pickup woodruff key had sheared and someone cut into the crank a little with a drimel to get it out it has not affected the woodruff key slot on the pick up mount Rod bearing's all look and feel great I split the case and checked both bearings and put a new case gasket on it

Head and Jug -- not sure about these jug looks freshly bored and head looks good But not sure if they are

Stator and pickup -- both good it did have fire before i unhooked them

Stock Coil -- YEP you heard right Stock

Pedal Crank assy - all good there are no pedals or arms comes complete besides that

and a few other parts just ask and i will see

I am not selling the front end or headlight assy

Re: Batavus HS50

Attached is a Pic of th one I am parting out


Re: Batavus HS50

What do you want for the tank?

Re: Batavus HS50

How much for the rear wheel? How much to ship to Canada? Cheapest shipping will do. Thanks.

Re: Batavus HS50

piston and jug and chain tensioner?

Re: Batavus HS50

I have sent e-mail's to anwser all questions thanks

Re: Batavus HS50

Frame w/swingarm, pedal crank shipped to 32803?

Re: Batavus HS50

All parts have been sold thanks too all!!

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