FS: 2000 Avanti Mont/Autopower (Philadelphia, PA)

2000 Avanti Mont/Autopower Moped


+ 77 VIP Garelli Engine

+ Puch Pipe

+ Key Start-up (with locking front wheel as well)

+ Clean Tank

+ Almost Perfect Red Paint (a few minor scratches)

+ Title Included

This moped was assembled and sold to me by "Chance" - one of Philadelphia's most well known moped experts - so it has been assembled well.

I dropped it once because of the trolley tracks so one of the pedals came off, but it still runs PERFECTLY. You could go to a junkyard or search online (mopedarmy forums) for a replacement pedal, but I have been too lazy to do so and I had been riding without it for months with no problem without it.

Full payment at time of sale please. If you are interested you may contact me directly at (215) 279-3815.

For a larger image of it go here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mrkorino/3251459027/sizes/l/


Re: FS: 2000 Avanti Mont/Autopower (Philadelphia,

You can also shoot me an email at mrkorino@gmail.com

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