petcock 4 garelli & cimatti

anyone have any extra ones?? in LA i dont wanna wait for shipping.....mayyybe.... whos throwing any out?

Re: petcock 4 garelli & cimatti


Re: petcock 4 garelli & cimatti

Crossvalley Tonysieze /

go to a local lawnmower shop.

they have "inline" fuel petocks that are used for lawnmowers. works just as good.

shoot me an email and i can send a picture of what im talking about.

its the easiest and cheapest way to fix your petcock problem. thats what ive been using and they are pretty dang cheap. also check ebay for em. they are black and red, and made of plastic. actually one of my favorite kinds.

hope this helped

Re: petcock 4 garelli & cimatti

but wont the thread be different? cus i know on the cimatti you actually screw the petcock in and the garelli you need a nut to screw it you get what im trying to say?

Re: petcock 4 garelli & cimatti

Yes the Cimatti deserves Myrons parts, might as well pick up the garelli one too

Re: petcock 4 garelli & cimatti

you should ride over to myrons and see what they have. take the old ones with you.

Re: petcock 4 garelli & cimatti

give myrons a call before heading down to make sure they have what you need, dont need to waste a trip for nothing.

Re: petcock 4 garelli & cimatti

I have a peugeot/cimatti one in SF? Maybe new maybe used? I can't remember, but either way it should work.

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