WTB: coaster brake assembly

looking to fit a 78 garelli gran sport... but its all standard pedal arm and i could figure out something to make it work - hook it up - slap it on - frankenstein.

im bored and wanna be cooooooool. seriously, i miss my old sachs's coaster brake :( :( :(

what you got?

looking for pedal end of the brake... could pick up a rod and rear wheel end to complete the whole sha'bang, but mainly looking for pedal end coaster brake assembly thingy

email! shipping to 43201

thanks. caio

Re: WTB: coaster brake assembly

ps. garelli doesnt make a coaster brake, i know! :) only seen sachs with em... maybe an allstate too. but i donno!

never looked into them beyond a sach g3 i owned. i miss it

Re: WTB: coaster brake assembly

tomtom, my new sachs has that coaster break, kept reaching for rear brake as normal and honking:). we need to get coco to cols and ride w/ us. i hit 35 today!

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