speedometer driver

Crossvalley Tonysieze /

for a Tomos A3/A35, Cimatti, Bianchi, or Carabela

seeing if anyone has one now.

dont think 30 bucks from 1977 is worth it.

anyone have one cheaper that i can get off them?

mines broke and makes my needle on the speedo fluctuate.

send a picture and price if you have one!!!! =D


Re: speedometer driver

Crossvalley Tonysieze /

bump. anyone have a speedo driver?


damn. going to have to go to 1977 wont i... ugh.

Re: speedometer driver

you need to keep looking cuz I know I can find one cheaper

Re: speedometer driver


make sure you get the right one!

after shipping its a little under 30.. goodluck!

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