FS: 1978 Puch Free Spirit

-$999 OBO

-It runs beautifully!

-I had it professionally powder-coated a lovely metallic moss green color with sparkly bits.

-Frame has zero rust.

-Very smooth ride.

-Comes with an OnGuard Beast 5018 Chain Lock with keys. Heavy Duty! I paid $90 for it. I can reduce the price if you don't need the lock

-Spoked rims.

-Very reliable.

-New Sawa M11 tires.

-Engine is not kitted out so it's more reliable.

-Doesn't drip or leak anything.

-Gas tank is spotless inside.


-I replaced the original Bing carb with a new 16mm dellorto SHA carburetor with lever choke. Square port 16mm intake.

-New Tecno Estoril exhaust pipe.

-New Heavy duty 340mm adjustable tension shocks in black.

-New brake pads installed that haven't seen many miles.

-Toggle switch added to cut power to the engine.

-New red LED rear light.


Re: FS: 1978 Puch Free Spirit

More Photos.


Re: FS: 1978 Puch Free Spirit

Another Photo.


Location: San Francisco

I am in San Francisco. If you would like to come check it out, send me an email.

Re: Location: San Francisco

beautiful bike

Re: FS: 1978 Puch Free Spirit


Re: FS: 1978 Puch Free Spirit

Incredibly sharp!

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