FS: 1977 Puch Newport

-$750 OBO

-Yellow...like butter.

-Comes with a Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit 3'3" Chain lock and keys. I paid $100 for it.

-Snowflake rims.

-Very reliable.

-Tires in decent shape.

-Engine is NOT kitted out...so, more reliable.

-Doesn't drip or leak anything.

-I replaced the original 2 speed engine with a more reliable 1 speed.


-I replaced the original Bing carb with a new 16mm dellorto SHA carburetor with lever choke. Square port 16mm intake.

-New Tecno bullet exhaust pipe.

-New Heavy duty 340mm adjustable tension shocks in chrome.

-I resealed the gas tank with por-15. Doing this was a lengthy 3 step process which completely removes any rust and repaints the inside of the tank shiny silver. It's awesome.

-New brake pads installed that haven't seen many miles.

-Toggle switch added to cut power to the engine.


-Right pedal arm (with pedal) broke off. this doesn't affect the performance of the bike. While riding, you just have to rest your foot on the plug it used to be attached to. I still have the pedal arm. May be welded back on. Replaceable.

-Some chips in the paint.

-Some rust on the frame. Not much, though.

-Pitting on chromey bits.

-Seat upholstery was tearing so I wrapped it with black duct tape.


Re: FS: 1977 Puch Newport

More photos:


Re: FS: 1977 Puch Newport

Sans Pedal Arm. But, I still have it. may be welded back on.


Location: San Francisco

I am in San Francisco. If you would like to come check it out, send me an email.

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