Puch Parts

Stock parts off my maxi.

Both those speedos are 60mph, but they require a speedo cable that' has a slightly larger fitting than what we're all used to. Hoppe's got the knowledge on that.

Calling 'dibs' doesn't really fit my lifestyle; just email me with offers.


Re: Puch Parts

hey i will take that left brake assembly if you still got it.

Re: Puch and other parts

The details:

-35mph puch speedo w/wires, mount and cable

-12mm bing w/new gaskets and intake w/bent mounting

-E50 points w/o wire

-Drive chain

-Pedal chain

-phbg float bowl

-phbg race float bowl(w/main jet screw)

-Complete set of engine(13) and clutch cover screws

-Old brake set w/old springs

-Legit puch fuel valve

-Cool kill switch

-Ace Hardware style killswitch(janky, but works perfectly)

-Multi-optional mounting thing that Treats used to sell for exhausts n stuff

-A random air filter

-Complete E50 ignition coil

-2-shoe & 3-shoe clutch(both w/ visible useage; ask for closeup pics)

-Complete E50 Stator coils/points/condenser(no plate)

-Tomos A35 stator w/magneeto(complete)

Again, email with offers.


Re: Puch Parts

email sent

Re: Puch Parts

Youve got mail!

- Joe

Re: Puch Parts

Sold: Bing stuff, Magura stuff, puch stator coils and ignition coil.


Re: Puch Parts

Sold: both speedos, fuel valve(petcock), engine & clutch cover bolts.


Re: Puch Parts

Don't fit your lifestyle huh? Well DIBS on that metal float bowl with the screw

Re: Puch Parts

check yer email

Re: Puch Parts

Okay, sexy float bowl sold to a sexy bamf. But for the records, dibs is for fruit boots!

Re: Puch Parts

do you still have the brake controls?

Re: Puch Parts

Email Sent.

Sold Items

Sold: ("break stuff"), phbg race float bowl, puch breaker points, 3-shoe clutch, book rack. Thanks.

Sold Items

Rear shocks and side rails sold. Thanks.

Re: Sold Items

who got the clutch/book rack, i got your shocks/rails

UPS Fail!

I'm never shipping UPS again. Too expensive, and the chicks at the counter were stupid. I'm sorry guys. Check your email. I'll fix it.

Re: Puch Parts

You got a front wheel I can buy? preferably on the truer side of things with good bearings. Thated be killer.

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