more moped pahts

new thread so less confusing

email me if you want something

new mirror with handlebar clamp

NOS indian side cover set

maxi pipe nice and clean inside

NOS E50 case halves with studs screws bearings and seals

used E50 case

domino brake lever

head seat for ciao grande bravo etc cups bearings nutc washer

tomos 26t engine sprocket

tomos 22t wheel sprocket

tomos speedo drive

minarelli v1 cylinder,head,crank,clutch and other thingys

tomos clutches

misc tomos thingys

Re: more moped pahts

e-mail sent.

Re: more moped pahts


NOS vespa air boxes

NOS trac speedo

peugeot 103 left side cover

NOS vespa ciao rear brake shoe

garelli rally sport gas tank nice inside

jawa headlight ring

CEV minarelli flywheels/stators

honda express exhaust

i still have

derbi pyramid reed case

derbi cranks

new derbi speedo

derbi intake and rings

pyramid intake and reed block

Re: more moped pahts

blah more stuff to be posted tomorrow

Re: more moped pahts

do you a Derbi Flat Reed Valve case? i need the right side... mines cracked, mangled, and obviously had a history of abuse.

Re: more moped pahts

no i sold the only flat reed engine i had

Re: more moped pahts

hey jay .. ill give ya 45 shipped for the dirty e50

Re: more moped pahts

yep yep uh huh yep moped pahts

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