WTB: tomos stuffs

looking for 80 a3 carb parts, such as bajo plastic, banjo bolt (stock encarwi a83). also looking for juction sleeve box and petcock.

Re: WTB: tomos stuffs

i have a stock encarwi. im pretty sure its complete. its off of a 77 a3.

Re: WTB: tomos stuffs

I have a stock 12:12 off of a 95 targa you could get for cheapies

Re: WTB: tomos stuffs

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Re: WTB: tomos stuffs

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

You should change to the dell'orto, it is so much faster, and jets are easier to change. All you need besides the 14/12 dellorto is the intake manifold. I have a new intake and gasket for an A3 if you decide to go smart and ditch the Encarvi. I would sell it for 10 bucks. 14/12s are available plentiful and cheap. Tomos switched to them on all the later A3s and they ran much better and much faster.

My email is chefhockey@aol.com

Re: WTB: tomos stuffs

thanks for all the help and advice, yo. i actually located the parts i need (friend's bike, or trike, actually).

we're gonna get it up first, then possibly do some mods.

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