puch 17inch 5 stars

i have a set of puch 17 inch five stars, i bought them for a project and did not like the mock up, so i am going with spokes. just looking to recoop some of my moolah, bearings appear good, straight true, never personally used, just know of past owner experience was great. have been spray bombed black. 250 shipped. I need a magnum pedal crank(will partial trade for this only)


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Re: puch 17inch 5 stars

email returned

Re: puch 17inch 5 stars

Frostback Ditch /

Emailed as well

Re: puch 17inch 5 stars

I have spokes, may be interested in a trade + cash and I am in TX also. Denton. I'll email you.

Re: puch 17inch 5 stars

sold, taylor i emailed you lets ride sometime

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