Need a 22 piston

Bought a Puch piston from 77, they gave me a 1, but I need a 22. Does anyone have one? I'll trade you the one I have.

Re: Need a 22 piston

i think the 1 should work.

your talking tolerances right?


Re: Need a 22 piston

22s are hard to find. I've used a #2 Magnum piston and it seems to work fine.

Re: Need a 22 piston

Well, it works, but the bike is not putting out enough power, and the service manual on moped riders says robbed power can be caused by the wrong piston/cylinder combo. I need a 22!

Re: Need a 22 piston

I think I have a 22, I will check.

Re: Need a 22 piston

Mike, if you got one, YOU ARE A SAVIOR!

Re: Need a 22 piston

I have a 22....but it is the whole top end, and I dont really need the cylinder/head without the piston.

I will ship it for $42 though. You can have the whole top end.

It is my backup, but it sounds like you might need it more than I do...

Email me if you are interested.

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