stuff for sale!

need sumthing'?

magnum rear rack-

magnum front+ rear fenders.( pretty nice shape...) has plate mount on rear..

some unknown brand sprocket, says z50 is a 50tooth..

used moby 48t sprocket.

blue garelli rally sport tank+ cap, dent in top.-- no rust!

sachs square bing, maybe missing parts!?

red panther ped tank+cap, little bit of rust, i think a dent or 2..

puch e50 flywheel cover ( spray painted n ugly!)

stock a35 exhaust.<.do people use these?

3 round turn signals! - yes 3! maybe they work?

2 regular tail lights.. might work?

NICE front puch snowflake- with or w/o new gazelle... tubes always been flat..

stock moby exhaust.

black moby tool box covers.

some shitty 16" garrelli rims, some rust flaking.. missing nuts.? sprockets there!.

ratty garrelli seat, needs reupholstered 4 sure!

getting rid of stuff i'll never use again.

make me an offer...

Re: stuff for sale!


Re: stuff for sale!

You wouldn't happen to have a magnum dash piece would you?

Re: stuff for sale!


Re: stuff for sale!


Re: stuff for sale!

e'50 cover sold/pending..

Re: stuff for sale!

Ϫ‡☄ಬ∞ ƀƖḬƝƊ ƤǂƿƎ ∞ಬ☄‡Ϫ - Hoke from Black Pipes Moped Gang /

jacob just sold me the following for 50 bones...

del 14.12 (missing fuel intake and slide)

puch magnum x forks

moby side covers

moby chrome tool box covers w/ knobs

good cev headlight

you do the math!

he's dealin!!

Re: stuff for sale!

enjoy :)

Re: stuff for sale!

going 2 ebay soon....

Re: stuff for sale!

cmon somebody!? they put my ebay account on hold till i pay back like 30.00 and have only half that in my paypal-- this too!?


Re: stuff for sale!


I'm looking for a tail light for a fixer upper.

Re: stuff for sale!

ok, email me. ill get u pix

Re: stuff for sale!


more stuff- need $$

magnum #1 cylinder, needs honed.

nice magnum spoke rims w/o tubes/tire or brakes.

low mile pires chrome pipe for moby!

michelin 17x2.25 tirez, used under 5MILES!

nice 17" front snowflake no tube/tire

tomos bullet style speedo.

magnum cev headlight

right side magnum tool box cover!

nice heavy duty tomos throttle, with bars.

cdi for panther, should work..

e50 cover gone!

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