WTS moby project bike

I've got a '78 Moby project that I want to sell to pay for some other project stuff. The tank needs to be cleaned out but there are no holes as the tank was full when I picked it up. It has good compression and spark and comes with a box full of parts, extra speedo, extra heads, flywheel puller. I've also got an extra stock top end and bottom end with bendy intake(no variator or electronics)I believe both are fast cylinders but am not sure because it has no vin plate, only the numbers stamped in the frame. Since I picked it up I've pulled off the engine and cleaned up the frame(it was disgusting greasy) bought the extra engine, and now have a 15 sha and 15mm intake that will come with the bike as well as the stock gurtner which is partially disassembled. Oh it also has the nice single seat off the red moby in the picture now. Looking for 400 for everything but make me an offer I guess, might look at partial trades for puch stuff. Picked this up at a garage sale from Moped Heads in San Jose, stand up dudes.


Re: WTS moby project bike

oh yeah, SF bay area, pick up only...haha, maybe someone has a 360 to trade?

Re: WTS moby project bike

Motobee Goode /

What sort of puch stuff are to looking for? I have a maxi N frame i would prolly trade as well as some other stuff. I can pick up.

Re: WTS moby project bike

Did your xbox go kaputz or something?

Re: WTS moby project bike

haha whatsup dude! nah, mines is fine..only trouble is I sold mine a while back, so the one I play now is my brothers. he should be moving out in a month or two to go get his doctorate. did you ever get a new live subscription?

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