WTB: Carburetor for '78 Puch

I'm looking for a carburetor in useable shape for my '78 Puch. Mine's all siezed up and I can't ride until I replace it.

I'm on a budget. I can't afford NOS type prices. If you've got something for a reasonable price, please let me know.

Thanks for looking!


Re: WTB: Carburetor for '78 Puch

I would take the carb apart and clean out all the jets. it is probably fine. it probably is full of rust. maybe buy a rebuild hit off ebay. you probably have a 12mm Bing carb.

Re: WTB: Carburetor for '78 Puch

I've got a SHA 14.12 i'll be willing to sell to you for 32 shipped.

Let me know.


Re: WTB: Carburetor for '78 Puch

I have a good working 14 bing that I will let go for 30 shipped . What Do you have now ?

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