FS: Kreidler

kreidler for sale.

Right now has a brand new Polini kit and 21 dell race and four petal intake. Comes with stock 2 shoe and modded hill climb clutch. Also carbon fiber simo.

Mag rims, puch 1 speed, kit, pipe, carb, rigid.

I welded up better motor supports so it needs a new paintjob/powder coat.

Also rear exhaust mount added for puch exhaust.

Im Cuperino CA, email me with an offer if you are really interested.

I was planning on putting it on craigslist, but this Kriedler is extremly rare because of the sweet gas tank. And i dont want some stupid non-moped person abusing it.


Re: FS: Kreidler

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

sad face :(

Re: FS: Kreidler

That is a slick looking bike!!

Re: FS: Kreidler

***Kim Jong illest*** /

i love that bike

Re: FS: Kreidler

Cupermatt o /

justin... kreidler > scooter

Re: FS: Kreidler

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

or more simply put, moped>scooter

Re: FS: Kreidler

that thing is crazy!!

Re: FS: Kreidler

If I was closer Justin I'd buy it in a heartbeat...

Re: FS: Kreidler

dude, that is such a beautiful bike. why are you selling it? you love that bike!! I just sold my Whizzer, but I gotta live on that money, so ... damn, super sad to see you sell it.

Re: FS: Kreidler

This guy wants to buy it. He's new to the moped world but really really willing to learn

Re: FS: Kreidler

sweet kreidler

what year?thanks

jay heres a pic of our kreidler's



the mp 9 i paid 400-for in 2008

the other one was free from a friend....lucky deal


Re: FS: Kreidler

Watcha looking to get for it? Email me the $$$ amount

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