FS: E50 Full build Metra65

The good - I've got an E50 from my Maxi Taxi that I've decided to sell. I rebuilt this July, about 1200 miles ago. It has a Metra65, case matched, with a Top racing crank, original Puch 3 shoe clutch, lightened with Paz springs, 19mm PHBG. Rebuilt with all new bearings and seals, I believe it's a 4 bearing case, but I don't recall at them moment. With a boss pipe and 12/40 gearing I've GPS'ed it at 49mph, so with a little taller gearing you would be into the low 50's pretty easy. It's always been a good runner, solid points and condenser, bolt it on with your choice of pipe and blast.

The strange - The case had a stud stripped out, so I tapped it to m7 studs, the same as Tomos, and replaced one. It has held superbly and is more solid than the originals. So to take the head off you pull x3 10mm nuts and x1 11mm. Not a big deal. The drain screw for the trans oil was also stripped out, so it also got tapped larger and has a non-leaking plug that works perfecto, but again, not original. The 19PHBG fits nice and tight, but has one of the mounting tabs broken. No air leaks, however. With the 90deg intake it fits perfectly on a maxi, right under the side covers. Comes with a suicide cable choke.

I'll take some pictures if the interest is there, but I'm looking for $425 shipped, or I'm willing to trade for an E50 bottom end and some cash.

Post here or e-mail me to express your interest, but e-mails get first priority.

Re: FS: E50 Full build Metra65

I might be interested I have an e50 bottom end that could use some lovin... I can take pics if you would do a partial trade +cash for your e50

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