FS E50 puch motor for rebuild

E50 puch motor disassembled for sale....has a no.1 top end.piston and cyl arent bad.the crank does have some rust, , electronics are there, and the clutch still on the crank. I took the case apart and was going to rebuild it for my rigid, but lucked onto a parts bike with a niceeee 2 hp im going to use instead.I stole the head when I stripped the plug hole on another motor..anyway..........id like 80+shipping for it all.....if nobody bites, ill either list it on ebay or I will sell individual parts.....email me if interested, with paypal info....fuck that dibs on here shit.

Re: FS E50 puch motor for rebuild

forgt a pic


Re: FS E50 puch motor for rebuild

bumpetty with another pic


Re: FS E50 puch motor for rebuild


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