polini blaster setup...

brand new polini kit with like 15 miles on it.

-intake is opened up

-spacers put in cylinder holes so it lines up


you get a couple stock polini 15 bing intakes with 2 petal blocks. like 3 or so.

I got a mallossi 4 petal reed block with modded reed block(not dialed in yet)

with a side mount intake that i made for a phbg. $50

21 phbg race. $100

Carbon Fiber simonini exhaust. $100

$50 bucks for my moddified two shoe hill climb clutch.

Ill sell it all for $400 bucks plus shipping if someone wants to buy it all.

email me at justin.turner@comcast.net if you like.

wanna blast?


Re: polini blaster setup...

I will take the simonini pipe maybe a stock reed block but the pipe I will buy , its in good shape I assume could you email me a picture

Re: polini blaster setup...

what a hunk of junk. what ya gonna build now justin? gonna get blasted again!!!

Re: polini blaster setup...

im going 50cc.

Re: polini blaster setup...

hmm..I wanted a 19. but 100 for a phbg race sounds pretty good. If thats still available in a few days I might take that.

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