Punks on Peds!!

I'm curious how many MA folk play in punk/hardcore bands. I run a small punk/hardcore label and play in bands and I'm toying around with an idea for my next release. A 7" vinyl compilation with 6 bands 2 minutes each!! called "Punks On Peds"!! If I get 4-6 bands interested, I'll start the ball rolling!! Of course it would be full of cool moped art/photos!

my label: <www.vinehell.com>, <www.myspace.com/vinehellproductions>

my bands:




Re: Punks on Peds!!

oops, wrong forum!!

Re: Punks on Peds!!

Phil N. [MMP] /

Yeah dude. I am in a band called Celebrity Autopsy. We are rock punk. Check out our Myspace:


Re: Punks on Peds!!

Complete Control and Krum Bums both have members in ACR512.



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