78 puch newport 4 sale

Well I thought I had some pictures on my computer but must have deleted them. I will get them on tomorrow or something like that. Any how...

I am located in Indianapolis, Indiana and have a brown 78' Puch Newport for sale. 64 polini kit, 21mm delorto race carb, long seat (old with a crack in the leather), new street tires, new 340mm chrome adjustable shocks, and new chrome boss performance pipe. I also replaced the head when the kit was installed.

There is no speedometer, no kill switch, and I have not replaced the front forks, break pads, or handlebars... gas tank is also rusty. It runs fine and rides fine as is, breaks work even though they are originals that came with the rims which are 2" chrome spokes.

I bought this in Pennsylvania for $300 and have put around $400 just in parts on to it. I was fixing this up while living in SF but moved back to Indy. I was planing on some clubman bars, chrome forks, stabilizer, and a kill switch and it would have been a finished project in my eyes. Since the piston kit was put on it has only been ridden very little 200-300miles if that, so it may still need to be broke in a little more, no rings have broken. All parts are from 1977 and treatshq.

I think I included everything there... if you have any questions or if I left out anything feel free to let me know.

I am asking for $650obo., which is less than I have invested into it but just need to get rid of it. Local pickup or other arrangements can be made I am willing to drive a few hours from Indy in any direction to meet if it makes it easier.

Re: 78 puch newport 4 sale

i tried to call you.

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Hey man sorry i lost your number and never got the call... i've been super busy looking for a job... to no avail... anyhow... in case you lost my number its 317-605-4373. give me a call sometime soon. i'm mostly available late afternoons 4 or 5-8.

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Here's one pic finally...

many more detailed pics at


need to sell soon


Re: 78 puch newport 4 sale

That beauty will probably be on here soon also... it was stolen and wrecked, just got it back today insurance is covering the little damage that was done.... it's a 2008 Yamaha TW200... only 400 some miles on it now. Clear title and everything.

Speaking of titles I do not have one for the Puch


Re: 78 puch newport 4 sale

i will be calling in a matter of hours. thanks.

Re: 78 puch newport 4 sale

That ped is awsome. I think I have its twin, burgandy with a sunfaded white undercoat... looks awsome, I plan on bringing mine back from life, keeping the look... good luck with the sale

Re: 78 puch newport 4 sale

I like the faded look of it also... it adds character. thanks for taking a look and the luck you send. : )

Re: 78 puch newport 4 sale

DAM' Fairchild /

do u still have the bike?would you be interested in any car audio equipment?trades?

Re: 78 puch newport 4 sale

I am actually supposed to be getting it done tomorrow...

Re: 78 puch newport 4 sale

I mean getting rid of it =) oops

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