buy ZA50

hello were can i buy ZA50 parts and they wil it shipping to the netherlands. i need every thing that insite the engine help me please

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im looking for the same thing only im in america

where in holland are you?

i want so much to come back and visit

i was lucky enough to travel there in 1994

we took train to switzerland,belgium.rotterdam,the hague

"the omniversium"

im in america collecting vintage mopeds

i luckily got a 1978 kreidler mp9 last year used for $400-us

a friend has a 1978 kreidler mp19

also a 1977 pinto/a 1978 puch 2 speed

2-1978 garelli vip 2 speed

1- puch maxi 1977

hopeing to buy even more this year

well good talking to you,peace


also check our video out under 2008 50cc fun run at youtube

theres a link off this site too

only they cut our audio so its a old school silent film.......ha....

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i thought it saw one on

Re: buy ZA50


do you have any 5stars for trade?

Re: buy ZA50

email sent

Re: buy ZA50

I have a complete (not assembled) ZA50 in my garage. It belongs to my friend, but I am pretty sure he'll sell it. Email me with offers and I'll ask him.

Re: buy ZA50

bump it up...

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