1977 Puch Maxi 70cc - Denver

Hi all, i'm getting down to one moped, so im getting rid of my 77 Maxi. It has Airsal 70cc kit on it, and I have stock top end too along with piston rings. It comes with a Dellorto 16mm and Proma GP-- The paint is nicer than 80% of the yellow maxis I see goin around- I am asking 500 to start but am negotiable. The Airsal kit was jetted rich and ran 50/1 the whole time ive had it which is about 312 miles, so it's barely broken in, not even by some standards. The Proma has same amount amaount of miles on it, it's geared at 16x45 I think? but will hit about 38 pretty fast, has tuned clutch. Email with ur offers or questins, Not parting bike

This is it with BING 13mm---Comes with 16 Dellorto and it sounds more manly.

Pics to come.

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