70cc Eurocilindro for sell.

This was on a Tomos I bought for parts. $75 plus shipping. If you interested please e-mail me at: scott@flounderart.com






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If you want anymore pics email me.


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Look at the exhaust that came with the bike. Does it have a hack/weld job? I reckin ifn it does thats a puch kit that was made to work on a tomos. I only say that because I bought a tomos for parts that had the same kit on it. Also the lack of reedvalves leads me to this assumption.

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🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

yup. puch kit with big 7mm stud holes

they were sold for 60 bucks new

ill buy it off you for 40. either one of you

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Email sent Mr.Scheidly...

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Pablo Puchasso /

I'll pay $45 if it's still for sale.

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🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

fuck both of you?

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Scott, I hope you will be using the proceeds from this item to purchase a time machine that will allow you to be at the Inverness Ride last Saturday. Missed ya buddy!

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Adam Green /

Scott, still got the intake? i could use it. Yeah and we missed you on sat. see you soon !

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