FS: parts, tomos, garelli, mineralli V1, puch rims

Timmy Southpark /

Got some random stuff for sale....

1) Encarwi carb off of 80's tomos. $5 plus $4 shipping

2) tomos sqaure turn signals, complete set in decent shape. $12 plus $5 shipping

3) garelli top end, needs rings $5 plus $7 shipping

4) tomos A35 cylinder, no piston $5 plus $7 shipping

5) tomos A3 cylinder, comes with 2 pistons plus rings $5 plus $7 shipping

6) tomos round turn signals, two in decent shape $5 plus $4 shipping

7) tomos spoked rims, thin rims. Nice chrome, comes with a sprocket of your choice, no bolts for sprocket $60 shipped

8) Complete V1 motor. Has compression, missing some stator parts, but comes with plate and flywheel. $80 plus $15 shipping cost.

9) A3 motor. Dont think it has a piston. Probally best for parts. $15 plus $15 shipping No pic of that yet

I have tons and tons of puch parts, some tomos, and various other things. If you need something ask and i will see if i got it. thanks -jimmy


turn signals

Timmy Southpark /



V1 motor

Timmy Southpark /



Re: V1 motor

emailing about the v1

Re:tomos a3

Interested in the tomos a3 motor, cylinder and pistons

Re:tomos a3

Timmy Southpark /

shoot me an email -jimmy

Re:tomos a3

ez da snow man !! /

got an E-50?

Re:tomos a3

Timmy Southpark /

no whole trannies, but internal parts

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