The Car Parking Radar Automatically Detecting Obs

The Car Parking Radar Automatically Detecting Obstacles Avoiding Collision!

The Car Parking Radar which was introduced from Germany is convenient entry and exit for the car: Forward entry and exit. Saving the space in layout and effectively utilizing the land; Reliable performance, high safety coefficient and easy maintenance. Simple control and operation. Pressing-key or swiping-card operation, which is convenient, safe and quick. Low noise, high speed, small vibration and stable moving. Since the process is full automatic the car storage / retrieval time is greatly shortened.

The Car Parking Radar is equipped with guiding device and automatic positioning device for finding the parking position, so even unskilled driver can park the car as per the guiding of the device and then the automatic positioning device will automatically adjust the car position so as to shorten the car storage time.

The Car Parking Radar operates in a closed way so as to prevent being stolen and scratched of the car or the man-made damage to the car and prevent the loss of the articles in the car. The Car Parking Radar is equipped with charge management system, which is computerized operation and convenient for property management.

The Car VFD Parking Radar, multi-functional ultra-thin VFD display, Automatic detect obstacle when reversing, Avoiding collision, VFD display the distance between car and obstacle, Sensor color optional, Exquisite senor, easy to install, BiBiBi voice warning, Anti-interference, anti-radiation, Bearing low and high temperature, All weather design Fine subsection display, more accurate detection range, High-tech processing, Omni directional detector sensor, Beautiful linotype figure.

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Re: The Car Parking Radar Automatically Detecting

John Schneider /

That really sounds great, but that is really going to make my afternoon cup of coffee with the boys pretty damn expensive,

thats why I use my moped.

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