Need G3 Key and Gas Plug

Please, I need the key that works the gas door, and the gas plug!

Re: Need G3 Key and Gas Plug

Hey mike let me know if you cant find one maybe I could get you a copy of mine. While I am it I am looking for a 1d motor will pay 250.00 for something descent.


Re: Need G3 Key and Gas Plug

Hey michael.

I have 3 keys for mine. Im shipping your linkage tomorrow and ill throw one in. It it doesnt fit your bike just send it back. They couldnt have used too many different locks. The copy is a mailbox key thats really hard to find so when i found it i bought 2. Hope this helps!


Re: Need G3 Key and Gas Plug

are they all the same cut? if so, I'd love it if somebody could send me one to copy. My parents own a hardware store so I could copy a bunch and re-distribute them!

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