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anyone out there have a good deal on a midrange dig cam? I would love to post pics but I can not afford a new camera...Thanks or any advice on a good cheap model to buy off the rack? I know NOTHING about them..the simpler the better. I just want to put out good quality pics of parts for e-bay and here and post pics of my bikes. Thanks for any input.

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I got one of these for christmas and its by far the best point and shoot I've owned. Panasonic DMC-fs5. Leica lens. and wide angle 30mm. and only 150 was a steal. amazing photo quality. and insane video.


Re: wtb dig cam

Thank you, 150.00 is close to the top of what I'am willing to spend...My sweet moby only cost $50.00! Lol!

Re: wtb dig cam


I got a new one for Christmas, I'd be happy to sell you my old camera for cheap. 4.1 megapixel Sony. Small optical zoom, takes memory sticks, comes with a 512 meg stick. It works pretty well, but the battery door doesn't want stay shut always, a little tape fixes that. $20 shipped!

Re: wtb dig cam

i have an olympus digital camera, in perfect condition, i will include all the manuals, and cords that came with it. its a great point and shoot camera. $40 email me for pics and more specs if your interested

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