WTB Hobbit Aternator (stator)

1978 Honda PA 50 M. Have one used in good condition or where to find one. Just the coils would do.




Re: WTB Hobbit Aternator (stator)

Timmy Southpark /

Its looking like i'm gonna have a spare CDI stator plus flywheel from a 83? Honda PA50 II. Interested?

Re: WTB Hobbit Aternator (stator)

Thanks but want the points type.

Re: WTB Hobbit Aternator (stator)

You will have a spare setup once I get your address.THis motor is from an pa50M, it does have CDI.

Re: WTB Hobbit Aternator (stator)

Hey Salty, Davie said you have parts. Thanks for the offer on the CDI unit. Rahter the points type as would have to add more stuff to the existing spare parts pile. Don't want to get a rep of having too many spares around HA.

Re: WTB Hobbit Aternator (stator)

Davei get me E on that stator?

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