encarwi S25 up on eBay

Just a heads up that I put a encarwi S25 carb with Airbox on eBay last nite. Pulled from a low miles Batavus with M48 engine I rehabbed last year. It is in good original shape but missing the float and float cover. I will be putting a couple better pics up asap. I was new to 'peds so when I read all the negative posts about the encarwi I went ahead and installed the Dellorto 13.13. Ran fine but I should have just replaced the float and cover and used this one. Ped is long gone but still had the carb...


Re: encarwi S25 up on eBay

I have a big bucket of those on the side of my house

why don't you link to the auction

Re: encarwi S25 up on eBay

Just do a eBay search for encarwi, its the only listing. Just thought someone might be looking for the parts.

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