WTB A35 intake

anthing that can get the thing out of the carb cave and into the land of easy access and tuning,I know there has to be some kind of slick way of dealing with this problem? yes? no?

Re: WTB A35 intake

There is, its an L intake (side mount intake). This intake came stock on many A35s, Ike could probably order you one if nobody here has one cheap...

Re: WTB A35 intake

Heres what i had...

Heres what i have....

I dont have a picture of the intake it self, but you can kinda get the idea from the pictures.With this one you just undo the screw and the gas line and pull off the carb. Makes a world of a difference.

Ikes Bikes has them brand new for $14.50.

Bolt on, has an oil injection spot, and fits perfect with the rest of the bike. I had to take off the side panel but i left the rubber piece on.

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