Boston: Rehabbed Maxi Frame pick color.

I have a complete maxi frame that i've slowly been working on so I can sell. I stripped the tank...its now filled with oil to deter from flash rust. Sorry, ran out of sealant.

Right now I'm almost done cleaning/stripping the frame. Next comes priming, then paint. Before I do the final paint I thought I should find a buyer so that they can specify the color they want.

Anyway around Boston interested? You are welcome to buy just the frame, or the frame and the front forks. This is NOT going to be powder-coated. I'm a rattle can master. Would love to get into powder coating but don't have the facilities for it.

So, if you live around Boston and want a a maxi frame for a new project...hit me up and we can talk colors and money. I only use duplicolor high heat paint...and while I love white moped frames, I would not recommend rattle canning white...for some reason white just doesn't come out as nice as the colors.

Re: Boston: Rehabbed Maxi Frame pick colo

send me a quote jackson

Re: Boston: Rehabbed Maxi Frame pick colo

andrew...i got the other finished maxi frame you were interested in. the one where i bondo'd the tank decal insets to make it less string beany. in class now, will email you later about that frame and whatever else i have leftover.

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