WTB: jawa parts

i need the pin that is spring-loaded that goes into the started shaft and engages the engine drive. i may need more related stuff, but that i know.

please shoot me an email.

Re: WTB: jawa parts

it's an '81 x30.

Re: WTB: jawa parts

il have to look through my parts tonight

i looked at the parts diagram and i think i know what part you need il see if i can find one

right now i gutta go drive 50 miles and pick up another moped

Re: WTB: jawa parts

email sent. i'll snap a photo. thx.

Re: WTB: jawa parts

Dave Peterson /

I have a Jawa motor with a stuck piston, it may be off an X40.


Re: WTB: jawa parts

i'll get back on that. jay said he has it. thanks, and i'll keep it in mind.

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