John Marsh anyone?


I hate to resort to this but I bought some wheels from John Marsh two and a half months ago and haven't seen them yet. I keep trying to email him but I am getting no response. Anyone know this guy? is he alive? Does he always take this long or is he just dicking me around??

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Re: John Marsh anyone?

There are twenty posts from the guy over the last 90 days. My suggestion would be to contact anyone that appears to have bought something else from him to see.

A. If they had a problem

B. If they have any contact info

It could be a mistake or you could have been ripped off. Rule of thumb...Always pay by Paypal...Always file a dispute within the alloted amount of time if merchandise hasn't shown up.

Re: John Marsh anyone?

the one time i dealt with him it was all good

but hes has known cases where deals have gone sour

Re: John Marsh anyone?

Jake Shaughnessy /

i bought some stuff from him. He was a good seller, but the post office he used to ship the stuff to me was terrible. I dont no if that is the case or not, but it took the stuff for ever to get to me and was beat to shit by the time i got it. he was a honest seller, but i think your stuff might be lost in the mail

Re: John Marsh anyone?

bump. perhaps john would respond?

Re: John Marsh anyone?

he got mad at me once for calling one of his favorite bands hot topic fashion core or something like that, but we made up. seems like a good guy though, good luck.

Re: John Marsh anyone?

hahaha, what band?

Re: John Marsh anyone?

Oh snap I think I remember that.

Re: John Marsh anyone?

i dont remember what band. just some hot topic fashion core band. i think they had a lot of words in their name.

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