Looking for Vespa Si parts.

I just aquired a 1980 Piaggio Vespa Si moped via criagslist. while the bike is pretty decent shape, there are a few things I would need to replace on it since I am doing a full restore. If anyone out there knows of or HAS a similar Vespa moped (ciao, grandee, ect...) that they are parting out or scraping, please let me know! I am in need of new brake levers, a tail lamp lens cover, some cabling, a brake light switch, a side footrest plate...and a piston (with rings). I can order the piston for like $40 online...as well as the brake lamp switch for $10. The brake levers I might be able to modify from a regular bike. the cables I can more then likely just buy in length at a bike shop. the tail lamp cover I can also buy...but would rather not spend the $40 for it. The footrest plate I can't seem to find anywhere...but again I can salvage it off a similar 'ped if I can find one. While I can buy/make most of these, it would be a lot simpler to just salvage them off another 'ped. So once again, if any of you out there have one yourself, or know someone with one, looking to get rid of it, or have a clue where I can find something along those lines....please send out a reply!

Right now I need to clean up the mess...I tore it completly down and it's strewn all over my living room. Once I get the frame cleaned up, it's gonna be painted a nice olive drab...compared to the pea-green it is now. I am lucky the body and all the chrome work is still in great condition...very little rust anywhere.

PS: I checked with HandyBikes...and they can't seem to aquire anything for it...they just don't deal with the import brands it seems.

Re: Looking for Vespa Si parts.

Frederick vdL /

I can get you that piston for about 13 dollars, as for other engine parts and universal piaggio/vespa mechanic parts.

I will have brake levers that fit a Si on my webshop within a day or two.


Re: Looking for Vespa Si parts.

ive got NOS wheels

email me

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