FS: 1979 suzuki FZ50. titled!


more shit for sale!

one of the best nopeds ever made, Suzuki FZ50. 2-speed automatic transmission, pretty sure the FA50 performance pipe is compatible, mikuni carb and oil injection.

everything on the bike functions as it should, but the speedometer is missing. i have it, but its cracked, i also have the muffler cover but the holes are stripped, and extra NOS vinyl to make a new seat cover if you want.

the seats torn to shreds but comfy. battery probably needs to be charged. i have two original suzuki keys for it. i have the title which is clean.

the plastic pieces are off of it now, but i have everything in my garage,

probably needs the carb cleaned, i havent started it in about 4 months, but when i was riding it daily it ran super well, did about 31 or so on the flat (tested by a car checking my speed) and never died on me.

i made a headlight that uses a replaceable 1157 bulb, but if you want a new headlight, honda express headlights are completely compatible with this bike. in fact thats what was in it when i bought it. mounts are identical.

it's name is Wall-E, but you can rename him if you want. i'm gonna miss him, he was my daily rider for most of this summer.

$350 OBO

Re: FS: 1979 suzuki FZ50. titled!

oh and the rear tire is brand new

if you buy this i hope you put knobbies on it and do some off-roading. that was always my plan.

Re: FS: 1979 suzuki FZ50. titled!

I use to have one. the most comfortable ride ever. good luck.

Re: FS: 1979 suzuki FZ50. titled!

sitting on this after a moped makes you feel like youre about 2 inches off the ground. but yes, it is smooth. leading link front suspension too!

Re: FS: 1979 suzuki FZ50. titled!


Re: FS: 1979 suzuki FZ50. titled!

I rode this bike this summer and it was one of the most comfortable rides with that suspension!

Re: FS: 1979 suzuki FZ50. titled!

jake lemme know if you ever wanna sell that freespirit! i'd trade my pinto for it in a heartbeat.

i just cleaned the carb in the FZ50 and now it runs beautifully. did some snowpedding. the battery is even good, it recharged right away and all the lights and stuff are super bright.

somebody give my old friend a home!

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