WTB Trac cdi box

steven bolduc /

Looking to buy cdi box for a Trac Clipper with a daelim motor. Steven


Re: WTB Trac cdi box

its the same as some of the honda and chinese ones

look on ebay and get the one with the same plug and it will work

Re: WTB Trac cdi box

A honda scooter CDI from the 88-01 elites will work.

Im using a 92 honda elite CDI right now on my 84 Trac image and it works great.

Re: WTB Trac cdi box

not just those years 1981 to now except for the ruckus and metro still have the same cdi box

and thats just about every honda moped noped scooter quad dirtbike not the street bikes though

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