fa50 parts

does anyone have any parts for a suzuki fa 50? like the center stand pegs?

Re: fa50 parts

I have the center foot pegs and many other parts that came off a 1982 fa 50. email me if you need anything


Re: fa50 parts

I have the center foot pegs. tchiffriller@yahoo.com. It is in blue. I will send you a picture if you would like. Thanks

Re: fa50 parts

I've got a center stand, complete minus the spring. All mounting hardware and rubber cushion. Send your zip and I'll send a price.

Re: fa50 parts

Dave Peterson /

I need a muffler and misc. other stuff.


Re: fa50 parts

i have a muffler for you that i could sell you for cheap. and i have a bunch of other stuff for sale. Drop me your zipcode and i can give you a price

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