WTB motobecane Parts

John Schneider /

LOOK at the picture.

Do any of you have your carb mounted in this way?

If so what did you use for an air cleaner?

When the belt brings the engine back there isn't any room for the stock air cleaner.

Does anyone have a short intake and the air cleaner that they will sell so I can mount it the way it should be?

Thanks, John


Re: WTB motobecane Parts

What you have is a carb that was mounted on a shorty, with a different cover, like you said it is too big and won't clear, you can keep the carb in this spot ,but you need the rectangle air filter cover and also the straight long shaft that screws into that hole in the middle of the body. Get a shorty it's easier.

Re: WTB motobecane Parts

i have a short intake and an airbox. email me?


Re: WTB motobecane Parts

John Schneider /

Steve email sent

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