WTB: Minarelli parts

I've spoken with a couple of people about this before, but I am in desperate need of a working starter clutch for a Minarelli V1.

The previous owner of my engine decided he would use the decompression lever as a kill switch because he didn't know that there was an actual kill switch installed. The pads are basically non existent on my current pad, and when oil is placed in the case (he didn't use oil either) the clutch won't engage (there's that little material left that oil causes it to not grab at all)

I know that noone makes these NOS anymore, but I am in desperate need of one and will pay dearly for it.

Let me know if you have one in good condition (pictures please)


Re: WTB: Minarelli parts

i have a few of them that are used but in very good condition

Re: WTB: Minarelli parts

This part is probably the minarelli's biggest (only?) weakness. I don't have any spares, I've had a couple peds that came with ruined ones before. Even under good circumstances the ball bearing can get destroyed over time.

And by the way, don't call it a decompression lever, cause its not decompressing the engine. French peds have decompression levers. Minarellis have a "starter lever" or "starter clutch lever."

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i have never had one wear out and im the one that uses mine like a manual clutch so i can take off faster in traffic

Re: WTB: Minarelli parts

yeah its the starter clutch not decomp. though some non-single speed minarellis came with a decomp lever and it was centrifugal start.

Re: WTB: Minarelli parts

Here is a really bad one. Replace the leaf also. When you install this cable for the lever adjust it with the screwing out features. So you do not end up like this.



Re: WTB: Minarelli parts

Sorry my bad, starter clutch...I was kinda tired when I wrote this/manic about getting my stuff together. Every time I think about all the little parts I need to finish my rebuild - it's kinda like throwing a bolt into the gears turning in my head. I haven't touched the huge tupperware box full of shims/parts/bearings that was once my V1 in a couple months - so I'm really skeptical about whether or not it's going to explode when it's finally all back together.

Email sent about the parts Jason!

Thanks Mopagen...I will surely keep that in mind when I put it back together.

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