fs pa50 $2300

Re: fs pa50 $2300

▣ß@ηℊℙℐṔ∃▣ ™ /

wow do i get 50 blow jobs too?

Re: fs pa50 $2300

with 3060 miles on it -- I'd offer no more than $2000

Re: fs pa50 $2300

i would just laugh in the face of such a thing and then blast'em on my 1982 sicker then fuck hobbit.and then sell it to them for ten grand. i hate south dakota.

Re: fs pa50 $2300


dont hate south dakota, just the dumb ass holes who live here

Re: fs pa50 $2300

OMG. This guy cant be serious.

Someone yell at him and report back. I'm too lazy.

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