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Has anybody had a problem with turd,thefergus. I have sent out the tach before i got my money just to be nice, I sold it for 15.00 dollars and the shipping was 8.00 and i still haven't heard from him after many emails he hasn't responded. Steven

I even paid for the shipping


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I bought an engine off of him recently. Turns out some tranny fluid leaked out and soaked through the box, so my package was delayed and took 11 days to reach me. I got it though.

I'd say he held up his end of the bargain for me, at least. That's all I can say.

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There have been a few postings about this guy recently....apparently he has stiffed a bunch of people on here. I think he tried to do it to Andrew, but he threatened mail fraud and I think Turd finally sent his part. I'd check around. Maybe file for mail fraud (however you go about that) too and see what happens.

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never...ever...send anything without cash in pocket!

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This kid is a major piece of shit. He stole an a35 from me a while back. He keeps changing his name so he can keep ripping people off. I plan on visiting him pretty soon here.

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steven bolduc /

The money came today in the mail so i guess thats good. Steven

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Just to clarify -

Turd , Toad or whatever his face furgerson is NOT a member.

This is a Forum Board for the Moped Army. Members pay for it and let people like the rest of us ( me , and people very unlike me like turd ) post and sell here.

Turd sold me "his brothers" magnum x top end, and wouldnt take paypal ( bad sign number one ) So i sent him a check. 3 weeks later and after a bunch of unresponded to emails, after i wrote in another "turd why you take my money post" that I was going to go after him for mail fraud, the shipped me the top end.

It was kinda all fucked up and he neglected to mention the fact that it was missing a ring ( which are impossible to find ) and that the locating pin was coming loose where that ring used to live cause the pistion was cracking.

So he didnt exactly SCREW my eyballs out, but he is definately someone id be VERY VERY careful of, as he has sneaky bullshit written all over him.

He is VERY agressive in his attempts to sell shit - he will email you a boatload about perfect top ends then ship shitty ones. Be real careful.

You have to be careful in general on here - this is the buy and sell forum of the Moped Army website buy anybody can post whatever they want here. If someone posts asking for cash for a part ( toad turd does this ) or some kinda shit like that, be extra careful.

Even if someone takes care of good old turd/toad/iwannagofast some other asshat shrimp will come on here and craigslist and sell SHIT. Its inevitable.

So you gotta be careful who you deal with on here and other places unfortunately.

Toad/Turd/ I wannagofast is a good salesman, and if he got you , thats unfortunate. But it will teach ya not to do something nutty like send parts to someone you dont know.

What would be really helpful is to Have MR. TURD's / Toads / I wanna go fast IP addy, cause he is changing his IP addy and still gaffing people.

If i was you thou, id see if you cannot file mail fraud charges. Worth a shot.

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