bobbed Honda CB350

Anyone interested in buying or trading for a 1973 Honda CB 350, custom paint, seat, custom rear light and fender.

Any offers?

Located near detroit.

Needs a new battery, starts when hooked to a charger.

The front headlight just went out.

Re: bobbed Honda CB350

Here is a picture


Re: bobbed Honda CB350

do u want to trade for a moped or how much do u want for it?

Re: bobbed Honda CB350

Another picture,

Let me know what you think of the bike, I'd like to know even if not interested in trade


Re: bobbed Honda CB350

I would like another moped, but it depends on what it was, I would also take maybe 700 or so for it, everything is negotiable. Right now the kick starter was welded because it snapped, so it hits the pipe, but I could take off and fix so it doesn't hit.

Re: bobbed Honda CB350

Clean title

Re: bobbed Honda CB350

anyone interested?

Re: bobbed Honda CB350

How is that bobbed?

Re: bobbed Honda CB350

I just call it that, You can call it something else, I got it already painted, All the parts that weren't necessary was bobbed off, Then I put back on a rear fender and mounted the tailight. So that is how it is bobbed.

Re: bobbed Honda CB350

Everything was bobbed off before I got it, I am not taking credit for that.

Re: bobbed Honda CB350

like it don't like the skulls though, worth 700 bucks that i don't have.

Re: bobbed Honda CB350

This thing looks pretty awesome, does it run smooth?.. I have a Puch (see attached photo) in Toledo, not sure if you'd want to trade or trade + some money, but let me know regardless. How much is insurance for motorcycles, haven't owned one.



Re: bobbed Honda CB350

Zack Rineer /

ha.. nice bike but its not a bobber brother..

that thing has rear shocks...

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