Mangum In Mass

No i wont ship No i wont ship NO I WONT SHIP

Did i mention i wont ship?

Ok i have a magnum xk that is in good shape, runs, but has been painted red. It is the e50 one. Thats a good thing. It has all the parts. Someone had pulled the bars off it and the front fender , and put drop bars on it. You can take your pic.

its currently running a biturbo that wasnt bent right, and ill toss in a nice sparkling magnum pipe, which should make it blast. It also has a 12mm carb on it which i rec you remove.

THis is no brainer super cool project or rider, either chuck a 14mm on it and rip around or kit it and go.

Ill post pics tommorow

600 bucks

or trade for your 350 scrambler or passport

Re: Mangum In Mass

oh you can reach me at

please spare the "if only i didnt live in GUAM"

and "will you take a toptank jawa with no spark"


Re: Mangum In Mass

Will you ship?

Re: Mangum In Mass

will you ship it to haverhill

i have a really nice pocket bike and a healthy nigerian goat i will trade you

Re: Mangum In Mass

so lemme get this straight

youll ship it right?

Re: Mangum In Mass

will you ship? I have many forms of payments paypals visas moneyz and burger king gift cards hahah

Re: Mangum In Mass

If you ship to me, I'll ship you my Jawa. It doesn't have spark though.

Re: Mangum In Mass

Would you be willing to do $625 shipped to Guam?

Re: Mangum In Mass

650 to guam.

ill drop it off in haverhill if the goat is dressed to my liking ( nothing too fancy)

Re: Mangum In Mass

Dibs on the healthy goat!

Re: Mangum In Mass

WHat have you to say for my paypals and burger king golden card

Re: Mangum In Mass

i gotta say, i dont do the big k

but i will take 550 bucks cash today.

550 magnums that run and are all together are hard to find...

Re: Mangum In Mass

2nd dibs on the Goat!

Re: Mangum In Mass

If only I hadn't ruined christmas, by not having a job. Someday I'll have the money to buy one of your good deals andrew.


Re: Mangum In Mass

oh and if you want andrew, jay and I could deliver it anywhere between here and Ohio as long as they were willing to pay for the gas money.

and we are leaving Early friday morning so they'd have to agree fast.

call me andrew if that's ok. I might not have email till tomorrow night.

Re: Mangum In Mass

no i want the bike sent ups

and il ship the goat back ups

Re: Mangum In Mass

Trade for a pretty nice blue maxi 78' and a excellent condition 79 black motobecane?

Re: Mangum In Mass

there ya go you deffinately need another moby

Re: Mangum In Mass


Andrew could you send me a picture?

Maybe I can have Aaron bring it to me in Ohio?

Re: Mangum In Mass

depends on where in ohio your at for this weekend cause we are only goin to new philly

Re: Mangum In Mass

mangum is in oklahoma, not massachusetts.

Re: Mangum In Mass

oh well happy new years. People paid moneyh they owed me it stays in the garage. HOORAY

But in a month when everyone BITCHES and you know they will about no magnums and no delivery....

im gonna repost this thread and chuckle.

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