FS: beautiful 1982 Honda Passport

1982 Honda Passport

runs perfect, no rust, dents, anything. i must admit i flipped it one time and i bent one of the pegs, and scuffed the metal ring around the headlight, but this is seriously the only damage on the bike. SERIOUSLY.

starts first kick, electric start usually works, everything else on the bike works perfectly except for the low beam on the headlight (you can still get the headlight brand new from honda for like $33) all the indicator lights, speedo bulb, seriously EVERYTHING works exactly as it should.

shifts beautifully through all 3 gears. takes almost no effort to hear the satisfying click. idles perfect at any stop whether you're in neutral or third. no leaks of any type, anywhere.

tires are basically brand new. battery holds a solid charge. key is original honda key with the black rubber top.

tank is completely spotless, it's never ever been stored outside. 6200 miles on it, but runs and looks basically like brand new. even has an aftermarket metal spring rack going up the middle of the leg shield, comes in SUPER handy but take it off if you want.

on warm days it usually does about 42-45 on the flat. fastest i've had it going was 52 but that was downhill so who cares.

CLEAN TITLE. registered as a moped, actually. haha. if the guys story is true, i'm only the THIRD owner of this bike since 1982. it only had about 2500 miles on it when i got it. always stored indoors, like i said.

i dont really wanna sell it but i need MONEY.

now for the price:

i have $1500 in this thing and probably wouldnt take a whole lot less than that. make an offer if you want i might take cash AND a trade if youre desperate but it has to be something AWESOME...like a SUPER nice garelli SSXL or something like that. trust me though, the thing is in amazing condition. if i had to drop money on any passport, it would be this one. and thats why i did.

i cant really ship unless you can work something out, i'm in grimes which is about 20 miles north of des moines. if you wanna call me, my number is 515-314-9098. the name is Nash.



FS: beautiful 1982 Honda Passport

Hmmmm, me likey very much. My wife would shoot me if I spent hat much on a two-wheeled vehicle though. Not to threadjack, but what happened with that guy with all those bikes?

Re: FS: beautiful 1982 Honda Passport

wow that looks nice.

Re: FS: beautiful 1982 Honda Passport

oh hey bry, sorry

im gonna go check his stuff out later this week when i have cash. he made a point to tell me multiple times that he is NOT gonna advertise he has the stuff until i come and check it all out...so if youre interested i kinda have first dibs and could hook you up with details, if i dont buy the stuff that is.

really curious to see which sears model it is, same with the montgomery wards, and a '68 CB160 for next to nothing? INSANE!

i'll take pics too.

Re: FS: beautiful 1982 Honda Passport

Oh, I would never dream of trying to steal it out from under you. I was just curious as to what he had and if they were nice or not. I hope you score the whole lot.

I wouldn't know what to do with your Passport with it starting every time and all . . .

Re: FS: beautiful 1982 Honda Passport

nah i called you just in case i either decide i dont want the stuff or cant afford it. i'll send you pics if i take some.

yeah the passport is way too perfect mechanically. i havent had to do anything except adjust the idle one time. BORING!

Re: FS: beautiful 1982 Honda Passport


Re: FS: beautiful 1982 Honda Passport


Re: FS: beautiful 1982 Honda Passport

Boring my ass! That is what Hondas do, they just work! If I can get the $ I will call you! Beautiful bike! Best of luck with your sale!

Re: FS: beautiful 1982 Honda Passport


guess what?

my parents are having a new years party so i was out hanging out with everybody, when all of the sudden he pulls me aside and says

"i couldnt sleep last night thinking about this bike going into the wrong hands, and i know you'd always kick yourself for selling it, so me and your mom are gonna buy it from you, hows $1200 sound"


having my cake and eating it too! awesome!

however i DO know where there is another passport in town that i might be able to buy for much much less than $1200....we'll see how this pans out.

Re: FS: beautiful 1982 Honda Passport

dude, if you're gonna move, why you looking at buying other peds??!! LOL .... I know, I know ... but srsly ...

if the sears is a sabre .... bitch you better bring it ... LOL ...

Re: FS: beautiful 1982 Honda Passport

So your parents bought it for you? LOL that is awesome. Those things look very cool. 2-stroke right? Anyway rock on.

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