FS: Cateye set

I have a set of Cateyes that I want to get rid of. They don't work for me. I tried puttiing in a new battery pack, and that is the extent of what I have done to them. They will come with the new battery which I got here break>

They are in good cosmetic shape. $35 shipped to your door.

"Here is a link to the Cateyes installed on the bike":http://picasaweb.google.com/clerkinfam/Puch02

Re: FS: Cateye set

sold email me and I'll shoot you paypal.

Re: FS: Cateye set

reply sent

Re: FS: Cateye set

if it doesn't work out, let me know.

Re: FS: Cateye set

$$ sent

Re: FS: Cateye set

I have a pair.

Not to thread jack but, it seems like this worked out.


Re: FS: Cateye set

I don't need them but just wanted to compliment your bike, very clean! Nice ride!

Re: FS: Cateye set

ryan -

how much? are they functional?


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