Puch Parts!

I have some extra Parts that came off my Maxi Sport that I figure maybe someone else on here could use. All prices are without shipping. Feel free to make offers, I'm not sure what t ask for this stuff.

Sport MkII rack - $30

-Pretty clean, slight surface rust but should clean up nicely

Bar End Mirror - $15

-In decent shape, no cracks.

Siderails - $15

-Slight surface rust, nothing major

Pedals - $5

-One has some paint on it, but otherwise good

Headlight - $25

-In great shape. It's untested, but I am almost positive it will work. (if you wire it up, and it doesn't work I will refund yo' money)

More pictures on Flickr.



Re: Puch Parts!


Re: Puch Parts!

Fish tits Krauthamer /

id reccomend halfing all of these prices. you might a little more excitement about them

Re: Puch Parts!

is the headlight the kind with the sealed or removable bulb?

Re: Puch Parts!

Can you post a picture of the other side of the bar end mirror? What's your best price shipped to 43623?

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