Trade: Running maxi for ???

its the one i just got. i'd keep the long seat, but i have a mint short puch seat i can put on it instead if you want. runs great! tank has rust inside. no title, but it runs super nice. i just cleaned the whole thing up nice and tidy. i can also throw in some extra maxi frames because i dont really need them.

i'm looking for a garelli SSXL, or any other toptank. doesnt necessarily need to run currently as long as the engine isnt seized or trashed. also interested in other E50-engined bikes...pintos, freespirits, darts, magnums, whatever. actually pretty much anything that is more interesting than a maxi (i LOVE puchs, and i love maxis, but i already have 3 and i'd like something a little more interesting.)


maybe a long shot, but worth asking! Let me know what you have!!!



Re: Trade: Running maxi for ???

▣ß@ηℊℙℐṔ∃▣ ™ /

The paint looks in great shape

Re: Trade: Running maxi for ???

how's about cash so you can buy more if you find em?

Re: Trade: Running maxi for ???

im getting kinda deep into this maxi now...only another bike i can work on would sway me...

Re: Trade: Running maxi for ???

even if i picked up that express motor from ya too? i do have a batavus that needs love. and most of the motor :D

Re: Trade: Running maxi for ???

hahaha...batavus is about the LAST bike i would ever want.

i seem to be finding more peds lately. i'll let you know as soon as another one comes around!

Re: Trade: Running maxi for ???

Cancel this thread...ive become pretty attached to this bike since ive been doing so much work on it.

UNLESS you have a decent SSXL you really wanna trade. hahaa

Re: Trade: Running maxi for ???

If your gonna cancel the thread than i'm gonna jack it......................I sent you an E-mail about some cat eye signals.. - Joe

Re: Trade: Running maxi for ???

how much do you want and where are you located?

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