OT wanted toyota head

i need a head for a 1985 toyota fuel injected 2.4 4 cylinder

so i can get this back on the road for going to the rallys next year


Re: OT wanted toyota head

Throw a kit on that bitch.

Re: OT wanted toyota head

hey man

i got the exact same problem.

my 88 toyota sr-5 truck has a hole in the exhaust port

of the head.

i happen to have an extra head though.

got my spring project already.

man, head replacement is kinda involved with the FI

22R-E engine. may as well do the timing chain.


then ya gotta drop the pan too.


Re: OT wanted toyota head

Timmy Southpark /

Is that a 1.5hp top end?

Why not have the head redone at a shop? I had the head of my truck done for $120 or so.

Re: OT wanted toyota head

Its cracked at the valve seat

Re: OT wanted toyota head

Best engine ever. How does it handle that load? Definitely do the timing chain as well.

Re: OT wanted toyota head

<www.car-part.com> check this site out

Re: OT wanted toyota head


Re: OT wanted toyota head

you can buy brand new heads on ebay for about 300 bucks with all new valves and seats, i put one on the truck i built last year and it was awesome. get yourself a new timing cover while your at it, drop the pan and make it nice. the efi is a hassle, but its not too bad if you pay attention.

i just got home from pulling a trans on my toyota truck so i can rebuild it tomorrow.... fun

Re: OT wanted toyota head

i dont know why i didnt think of ebay for it

shit thats about what they want for a shit one at the junkyard


whats the difference between the R and the RE

i was told by a mechanic that the EFI heads are different than the carbed heads but according to a few ebay ads it says they are the same

Re: OT wanted toyota head

go to a junkyard

they are littered with 22 R engines

or buy a bare head on ebay

Re: OT wanted toyota head

junkyards suck they want too much money for an old used part then i gutta go pull it off only to find out that that one is cracked too

id rather spend $300 for a brand new one with everything

Re: OT wanted toyota head


Re: OT wanted toyota head


I would much rather put the reman head on than have to cross fingers with a junkyard one!

Re: OT wanted toyota head

just bought a brand new one it will be here in a week and a half

Re: OT wanted toyota head


now we need to put the rv in yer tent!

Re: OT wanted toyota head

some of the early 22r motors had round exhaust ports, whereas most of the 22re (efi) have pear shaped ports (for the egr)

other than that theyre pretty much all the same.

while youre at it get a rv cam makes it have better low end and better fuel economy, works bitchin with the stock efi

Re: OT wanted toyota head

i already measured it wont even fit in the big white tent out back

prolly just wait a couple months for it to warm up a bit i cant move my hands in the cold to do any work like that

Re: OT wanted toyota head


I just want to get it outta the way.

Re: OT wanted toyota head

yeah i want it done so i can take it to richmond and kzoo and other rallys this summer

Re: OT wanted toyota head

working on toyota trucks is cheaper than mopeds, i just rebuilt a trans, put in a clutch, new flywheel, rear main seal and clutch slave cylinder for 240 bucks, thats less than a damn gilardoni

Re: OT wanted toyota head

this is my first toyota

i know late 80s early 90s nissans well and they are my favorite small truck second would be 80s mazda 2200s i love those too but i dont know anything about toyotas

Re: OT wanted toyota head

im not sure about the mazda other than they have a rough time passing smog, but having been around a few nissans and a gang of toyotas i would give the toyota the one up

Re: OT wanted toyota head

i beat the fuck out of my nissan proved it could handle 3 tons with no problem

never did any work to it not even oil change or spark plugs and put over 100,000 miles on it like that it always ran fine and never gave me any trouble

id like to see someone do shit like that with an S10

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